Holistic Massage

Touch can have a calming and soothing effect, both physically and psychologically. It can help us feel peaceful, valued and more aware of our body, thereby treating the person as a whole being.

Benefits include toning, relaxation and flexibility of the muscles, reduces high blood pressure, stimulates poor circulation, drains the lymph system, alleviates stress, induces relaxation, hleps with insomnia, helps recovery from injuries, enables physical and emotional self-healing.


The ancient Egyptians used aromatic oils for cosmetics and mummifying and were used for medical pruposes by the Indian and Chinese. Aromatherapy influences the psysiological and psychological aspects of the individual and its effects are immediate. These are initially experienced through smell then when absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream and lymphatic system, through massage.

The essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, barks and roots more commonly though a process of distillation. They all contain certain properties that promote health and relaxation. The oils are selected and blended according to the individual's needs.


This is an extremely relaxing and powerful massage, using Basalt hot stones and onyx marble cold stoness, to sooth away those tensions, in a deep and gently way.  Crystals are also used to re-align the chakras. The treatment lasts for 1.5hrs. as it is a slower and deep treatment, in which the client can connect with themselves in a relaxed and profound way...


Reiki - The Usui system of Natural Healing

Reiki is the Japanese word for healing - to make whole. Through a sequence of hand positions, placed on the body, the recipient draws the energy to the sourse of dis-ease in the body, which is then cleansed and detoxified, creating a sense of well-being.

This form of healing works by reinforcing a person's ability to take responsibility for life, develops a more positive attitude to life, giving a sense of empowerement and transformation.

Reiki treats acute and chronic conditions, or is simply relaxing and refreshing.

Helen runs a Reiki sharing group on the 4th Friday of each month 5.00-6.30 for Reiki Practitioners.

Indian Head Massage

Otherwise known as Champissage, used in India for thousands of years, originally to promote healthy hair, now used to stimulate the scalp, relieve muscular tension in the upper back, shoulders and neck. It also removes blockatges in the lymph syste and is particularly good for headaches, depression and alleviating stress. It has a relaxing and energising effect.

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