Dance Workshop

I begin the workshops warming up and exploring where we hold tensions in our body.  We then discover how to express ourselves through movement and dance and how this changes when we relate to others.  Learning to breath more deeply enables us to have more energy, to feel more relaxed and better about ourselves.  Moving through the rhythms of life enables us to explore our emotions in a safe way and at our own pace.  Finally, relaxing and being guided through an imaginative journey, helps us to regain that inner stillness and sense of peace...

"No steps are taught, the beginner does not hold up the accomplished dances, each find their own way of moving...Lack of fitness is not a problem as you move and rest at your own pace.  Open to all ages from teens onwards, no upper limit!  Open to dancers who have dance-drama therapy or those with bodywork, Ta chi, yoga, Martial Arts, or with no previous experience.

This workshop will help your body find its own way of moving, to build up confidence for social dancing or just allow freedom of expression...for the more experienced dancer, it will help make your dancing freer, more real, passionate and alive.

Dance is natural, primal and instinctive but we may need to reconnect with this capacity.  As we get out of the mind (self-judgment) and into the body (feelings and instinct) this reconnection is made and we can discover our own dance!  As we move out of the ideas, concepts, judgments and beliefs of the mind, into the feelings, emotions and instincts of the body, a deep-rooted change takes place, which can profoundly affect us.  It's a moving journey from closeness to openness, from holding on to letting go, surrendering and releasing, which allows us to reconnect with our true creativity.

An adventure from sadness to joy, from pain to passion, from anger to acceptance, as we travel towards greater spontaneity, vitality, power, respect for ourselves, and others.  Dance is about healing."

Michael Gabriel Psychotherapist & Dance / Movement Teacher

I have also recently completed a 9-month Shakti Dance Training which combines yoga and dance in a natural, deep and spiritual way...please ask for more information...
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Helen also runs relaxation groups & womens support groups and yoga classes.  She is also a bereavement & general counsellor with many years of experience.
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She also runs meditation & chanting groups on the 3rd Sunday of each month 5.00-6.30 - please tel Helen on 01395 567096 for more information.

Tel: 01395 567096

I also sell some aromatherapy blends, for home use, relaxation tapes, Aloe Vera products and massage vouchers.
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The Practice

The practice is within easy reach of Sidmouth, Honiton, Ottery St. Mary, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Exeter.
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The practice is within easy reach of Sidmouth, Honiton, Ottery St. Mary, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton and Exeter.

Please phone to make an appointment, or for more information Tel:01395 567096